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Life Artificial

A growing series of sci-fi novels and shorter pieces set in the medium-future, where gene-hacking and artificial intelligence are routine, and the fine workings of human civilization have come to the brink of collapse because of the Waves of viruses like mySARS that circle the globe.

Citizens of the Queen City are lucky. At least they have walls and masks and MOM to protect them. But MOM means monitoring, and the cameras never blink, never lie, and can't be bribed.

For a newly-minted artificial intelligence, it's not enough to find a job to pay for all the CPU Time you're burning, you have to figure out how to predict what the humans will do next. And when your boss can wipe your personality back to noob-nous for any reason, you can't make mistakes. But being new means making a lot of mistakes.

The Novels

Part One (e2.1) [pdf] [html] [doc] [audio]*

Part Two [pdf] [html]

Nova's Continuation [pdf] [html] [cover art]

Part Three [pdf] [html]

Part Four [pdf] [html]

Jacob's Continuation (e1.1) [pdf] [doc] [cover art]

Glossary [pdf] [html]

* courtesy of the fine efforts of relet

Short Stories set in the Life Artificial world:

The Promise of a Kiss [pdf] [html] [docx] [zipped epub] [ ($1)]

Glory [google doc]



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